Who are we ?

With 17 billion plastic bottles consumed annually in France and only 1 out of 2 being recycled, while beverage manufacturers are desperately lacking recycled material, the establishment of B:bot seemed like a natural choice for us in addressing this issue in the American market.


To make plastic bottles, manufacturers have two options: using recycled material or petroleum. A recycled bottle, therefore, has two significant advantages: firstly, it doesn’t end up in nature, thus avoiding pollution, and secondly, it helps reduce our consumption of petroleum, a increasingly scarce natural resource.


More than just a plastic bottle collection machine, B:bot offers a virtuous model that is both environmentally, economically, and socially responsible:

Environmentally, it recycles 100% of bottles with no material loss in a short, closed-loop process.
Economically, it significantly reduces costs and funds the recycling loop through material resale.
Socially, it takes an incentive and educational approach that enhances citizens’ environmental awareness and supports NGOs through its initiatives.


This adaptation is tailored to the American market to effectively convey B:bot’s message and values.

Our Values

B:happy : We spend one-third of our day at work; we may feel stressed, happy, tired, but the key is to be surrounded by a top-notch team that helps each other at the slightest difficulty (and offers you madeleines when you’re hungry). Above all, we prefer positive ecology to punitive ecology.


B:in : Customer satisfaction is our top priority, from advice to commissioning, our team guides you step by step in adopting your B:bot. Have a question or a problem? The B:bot team wholeheartedly strives to provide you with a quick response.


– B:green : We won’t weigh you down with the exact number of waste each person generates in a year, but we do know it’s a lot. That’s why we’ve chosen to harness technology for the environment’s benefit. Perfecting our tools to turn our waste into a resource is our motto.


Baptiste Danezan

Lead Developer

Benoit Paget


Fabien Rimé

R&D Director


Benoit Paget


Commerce Marketing

Emmanuelle Muchery

Sales Director

Clara Ciliberti

Business Developer

Thomas Hermant

Customer Success Manager

Steve Choungo

Business Developer

Marie Bourgeois

Business Developer

Arthur Biot

Business Developer

Leslie Semet

Business Developer


Fabien Rimé

R&D Director

Lucas Rouquette

Project Manager

Pascal Bossant

Mechanical Design Engineer

Hippolyte Crussaire

Industrialization Manager

Marc Dumont

Industrial buyer

Théophane Bois

Solution manager

Nicolas Brionne

Mechanical Senior Designer

Lucas Robert

Design, Prototyping and Testing Technician


Thierry Benchetrit


Baptiste Danezan

Lead Developer

Guillaume Arsac


Luddini Ulysse

Digital Engineer and Networks

Rihab Chetoui

Q&A Engineer

Delpierre Gaetan

Technical Leader / Architect


Edouard Dos Santos


Eldad Kapepula

Operations and Logistics

Idris Zabar

Monitoring B:bot

Eric Ravault

Logistics Manager

Thomas Baillet

Workshop chief

Senthuran Jayarajah

Monitoring B:bot

M'hamed Ramdani

B:bot doctor

Manival Anne-Sophie

Monitoring B:bot

Bidault Florent

Monitoring B:bot


Clément Gayot


Marie Males

Office Manager